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Medical herbalist and naturopath

Qualifications: Dip. Naturopathy (ND), Dip. Medical Herbalism (DBM), Dip. Homoeopathy (DH)

Erin qualified in Sydney as a Naturopath, Herbalist and Homoeopath in Sydney in 1986. Her first experience on graduating was working in the Gosford Women’s Health Centre as part of a programme helping women to resolve long-term use of benzodiazepines with herbal and nutritional support. This experience led to a career-long interest in the treatment and management of nervous system disorders including anxiety, depression O.C.D. and P.T.S.D. to name a few.

Subsequently Erin has worked in private practice in NSW and Tasmania as well as co-writing and contributing to several books and articles on herbal medicine. She works closely with each individual and where appropriate, with their other health care providers to obtain the best health outcome possible.

Erin has spoken at community health forums and conferences, lectured and worked with Family Planning Tasmania, the Women’s Mid-Life Health Service, Child Health organisations and the Homebirth Association as a Naturopath and Herbalist.

She has lectured at both state and national forums of the National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA) on topics as diverse as children’s therapies, anxiety disorders, management of menopausal symptoms and adolescent health. She brings more than twenty five years of experience in these areas to her practice, in addition to the experience of raising five (very healthy) children.

Erin worked as a tutor for the post-graduate course in Herbal Therapeutics by scientist and herbalist, Kerry Bone, contributed and researched for Ruth Trickey’s book ‘Women, Hormones and the Menstrual Cycle’ and worked as an editor for Swinbourne University’s Integrative Medicine course for medical practitioners.

Erin works comprehensively in all areas of health with a particular passion for family medicine, disease prevention through lifestyle intervention, management of anxiety disorders and women’s health.

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Michael Thomsen

Medical Herbalist and Naturopath

Qualifications: Master of Science (MSc), Dip. Naturopathy (ND), Dip. Medical Herbalism (DBM)

Michael Thomsen is an experienced naturopath and herbalist with over 30 years experience.

He has a Master of Science, Graduate School of Integrative Medicine at Swinburne University.

Michael provides a comprehensive cancer support programme including herbal and nutritional medicines to safely support you during and after your medical treatment.

The most efficacious cancer care strives not only to kill cancer cells with the use of anticancer agents such as chemotherapy or radiation, but also to support healthy tissue through dietary and lifestyle interventions, the use of specific herbal and nutritional medicines and other supportive therapies.

Michael understands the standard treatments employed by oncologists and ensures the naturopathic treatments are safe to use with the medical treatment.

During the initial appointment we will discuss your full medical history, your diagnosis, and current or planned treatments.