Whole body hyperthermia - therapeutic heating - is one of the oldest traditional principles of healing.

It induces sustained muscle relaxation even in the deeper, more inaccessible muscle layers.

Whole-body hyperthermia is a supportive therapy that can be  combined with other therapies to relieve symptoms associated fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, aches and pains, skin disorders and inflammation associated with other chronic conditions.

 I will heal all diseases if only I could induce fever (Parmenides, ca. 540-480 B.C.)
Fever is a healing mechanism of organism against the disease, it purifies the body like fire (Herakleitos, ~535 –475 B.C.)
What herbs do not heal, is healed by steal, what steal does not heal, is healed by fire, what fire does not heel, must be seen as uncurable (Hippokrates, 460-377 B.C.)

Body temperature plays a crucial role in the regulation of the immune system.

A healthy organism reacts to the threat of illness with regulated increases in temperature, progressing in acute cases to a high fever which can trigger an enhanced immune response.

Similarly, an artificially induced increase in body temperature can result in a sustained stimulation of otherwise inhibited powers of self-healing, especially in chronic conditions.

This system is intended to be used to produce and control the delivery of mild heat, ie elevation of body temperature up to 40.5°C. The system uses water-filtered infrared radiation to induce mild whole-body hyperthermia for immune modulation as adjunctive therapy. The system comprises a canopy containing the heating lamps and a control unit to regulate and record the delivery of heat.

What happens during a hyperthermia session?

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Further information about hyperthermia

The heat source

Nature provided the inspiration for the HT-3000: The hydrosun® irradiators have a patented, sealed liquid filter that enables them to replicate the combination of the sun and the moisture in the Earth‘s atmosphere. A water filter absorbs infrared light of those wavelengths that would otherwise present a thermal burden to the skin.

An important feature of water-filtered infrared-A (wIRA) is its ability to penetrate into deeper-lying tissues while at the same time being gentle to the skin, thus allowing the application of wIRA at higher intensities resulting in increased effectiveness. The rise in the body‘s core temperature is correspondingly rapid and well-tolerated. In the leg and foot regions, further infrared emitters create a comfortable temperature in the interior of the tent so that the minimising heat loss.

The hyperthermia treatment consists of two phases:

Irradiation phase

Heat retention phase

The patient lies recumbent with his/her head positioned either inside or outside the tent. The wIRA irradiators are arranged above the exposed upper part of the body. The patient lies on the comfortable mattress of an adjustable hospital bed. The patient lies wrapped in the walls of the tent. The temperature generally still increases by a few tenths of a degree and can be maintained at this plateau level for as long as required. The electrically adjustable treatment bed allows the patient’s position to be altered according to his/her wishes and needs – from a horizontal position with the patient lying on the back or side to an upright seated position. In this way, comfortable positioning can be ensured even during a treatment lasting several hours. Using the electrically powered heckel-Lift 3000, the irradiator can be raised high above the bed improving the patient comfort.
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Hyperthermia treatment is available at Gore Street Medical. Please call reception 6224 6717 for further information.

Dr Saupe from the German clinic, Arcadia, explains hyperthermia or therapeutic fever as a adjunctive therapy in cancer treatment. Gore Street Medical does not recommend hyperthermia therapy at home. We have a proper medical device available at the clinic. Treatments are provide by a nurse under medical supervision and careful monitoring of vital signs. Please contact the clinic for further information 6224 6717.