Infrared A is a narrow band of light waves found in natural sun light. Infrared A carries the healing rays of sunlight. Unlike UV, it does not damage the skin. 

The hermetically sealed water filter in the hydrosun 750 filters out all harmful rays including UV. 

The second generation infrared light therapy is known as water-filtered infrared A or wIRA - and it is unique to the hydrosun 750.

Water filtred infrared A light therapy for skin cancer, psoriasis, acne, warts, wounds, skin care, pain and healing post-surgery, sinusitis, and musculoskeletal pain and inflammation.

The hydrosun 750 relieves pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, neuralgia, back pain, rheumatism, sports injuries, frozen shoulder, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, strains and sprains.

Research has demonstrated that the hydrosun 750 infrared light therapy improves healing of wounds and burns.


Use of a blue filter with the hydrosun 750 is beneficial in the treatment of acne.

The hydrosun 750 reduce the pain and inflammation of sinusitis and other ear, nose and throat disorders.

Infrared therapy may also improve peripheral circulation and be used in conjunction with physical therapies including massage, osteopathy or chiropractic treatments.

The hydrosun 750 is also used as the light source in photodynamic therapy in the treatment of solar keratosis (actinic keratosis or sun spots), acne, psoriasis and skin cancers.


Water-filtered, infrared A (wIRA) is full-spectrum light filtered by a hermetically sealed water filter which filters out all the harmful ultraviolet (UV) light waves.

Only visible and the first band of infrared light, known as infrared A, is allowed to pass through the water filter.

The process is similar to the filtering of sun light by upper atmospheric moisture.

Moisture in the atmosphere filters out harmful UV and far-infrared light waves

The water filter in the hydrosun 750 emulates the effects of amospheric moisture.

Images above showing treatment of shoulder, lower back and sinusitis.

The heat source

Nature provided the inspiration for the HT-3000: The hydrosun® irradiators have a patented, sealed liquid filter that enables them to replicate the combination of the sun and the moisture in the Earth‘s atmosphere. A water filter absorbs infrared light of those wavelengths that would otherwise present a thermal burden to the skin.

An important feature of water-filtered infrared-A (wIRA) is its ability to penetrate into deeper-lying tissues while at the same time being gentle to the skin, thus allowing the application of wIRA at higher intensities resulting in increased effectiveness. The rise in the body‘s core temperature is correspondingly rapid and well-tolerated. In the leg and foot regions, further infrared emitters create a comfortable temperature in the interior of the tent so that the minimising heat loss.